Philly Flash is cheesesteaks. Philly Flash is classic. Philly Flash is family.

It’s that good.

Why Philly Flash is The Restaurant for Car People- The Family History That Inspired The Flash Interior

The Procopio family (Grandmom’s side) and the DeCesaris family (Grandpop’s side) have had a long history with grassroots drag racing in Maryland. Our great uncle Alfonso opened Aquasco Speedway in southern Maryland in 1957. In 1963 our grandpop, Sonny, and great uncles Abbie and Hugo Procopio opened northern Maryland’s Cecil County Dragoway. Two years later, both of the families got together to open Capitol Raceway in central Maryland. For many years all aunts, uncles and cousins were involved in every aspect of operations– from building the tracks to preparing the food sold at the refreshment stands. It’s no wonder that everything they learned about business, cooking and racing was passed down. Please enjoy our food, hospitality and a little slice of racing memorabilia.

Philly Flash is owned and operated by Juliana and Michael Johnson, daughter and son-in-law of founders Joe and Donna DeCesaris. They opened the first Philly Flash store in 2008 and are now located in Dunkirk, Maryland.